Safetech Storage Systems introduce you metal lockers for keeping Mobiles or Cell Phones keeping in mind todays need of employees. Our locker comes with separate doors and good quality locks for safety to users cell phones. In today’s modern world Call Centers, BPO’s, Corporate Offices requires this type of lockers. Our expert team designs the lockers for cell phones very user-friendly and constructed using best quality material (CRCA). Our 7 tank process powder coating gives best finish to it.

• Safe Storage. 
• Economic Solution. 
• Long Life Durability. 
• Custom made solution as per client’s requirement. 

• Call Centers, Corporate Offices, Factories, Hospitals etc. for keeping mobile phones of the staff.

When it comes to our devices' safety, like mobile phones, we become aware of keeping them safe and protected. We have all our data stored in our phones, and so we always want it to be held in such a place where it gets locked and is safe while we do our work. 

We are here to provide you the right information on the correct lockers for your items and all their manufacturers and manufacturing.

The metal lockers allow you to store your cell devices ideally as they are designed with great quality doors. They are designed uniquely.

• These metal locker rooms are safe, and there is no risk involved as it locks the items safely and can only be used by the owner.
• They also have a life of a decade or more. So, these will not be broken or anything like that because of their quality they will serve for ages.
• Whatever is a client's requirement; they can be customised according to that and user-friendly.
• They provide great keeping space with enough space to keep your gadgets, especially your devices or cell phones.

Where and how the phone lockers are mainly used?
The phone lockers are mainly of use at the workplace where usually one is advised to not be concerned with their devices and instead concentrate on our particular work. So these cell phone lockers are made to help out the gadgets be safe and protected in this space until our working hours end. It ensures safety and strong lockers, and so one can fully trust them easily. They are primarily used at places like gyms, corporate offices, and hospitals.

Why are we the best locker manufacturers in India?
1.Wall-mounted cell phone lockers by Acrylic Megastore: They are the best lockers for mobile phones as per many of the manufacturers. They provide a heavy and a strong acrylic material that is easily attachable on the wall. Also, the texture of the surface is transparent. They may be breakable after some years of use. But all in all, they have a great deal for lockers. They are the best locker manufacturers in India.

2.Hallowell cell phone and tablet locker: They provide a great storage space with great quality steel and designed uniquely. They may start rusting after a few years of use. They also are the best locker manufacturers as they provide varieties.

3.Ozzptu wall mounted cell phone chart storage cabinet: One of the best locker manufacturers provides 27 slot lockers with an aluminium body. They have small cubicles, which may not be appropriate for some. 

We are the best locker manufacturers in India!
We provide the best lockers in India. The lockers are built with extra space and are pretty safe when it comes to keeping things safe. Our lockers offer the best-trusted space where workers can perform their work without distraction. You will just have to set up your code to lock the vaults, and there you go. One should choose the best locker, which also has the maximum space for keeping all other personal items. So, choose the one which suits you the best from the best locker manufacturers in India.

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