Facing a storage space problem here is a perfect solution – compactor storage systems that provides maximum space utilization. Now you can manage your resources in a better way and save storage space up to 50% of origin.
Safetech compactors storage systems are specially designed and engineered to manage maximum utilization of the space and meet exact requirement of the customers. In this system shelving or lockers body mounts on the base frame / trolley which is slide side by side along the rails using single aisle space. Our system is totally knocked down type system which helps easily to install or re-install anywhere. Our compactor systems have special wheel and rail combination with sophisticated chain and gear mechanism which gives noise free and effortless movement to the users. Our systems manufacture from superior quality steel treated in 7 tank antirust powder coating process. Our compactor storage systems are custom designed to meet user’s exact requirement.

• Consume less space and maximizes the capacity. 
• Economic Storage Solution.
• Prevention of documents and goods from dust & insects. 
• Custom made solution as per client’s requirement. 

• Corporate offices, Banks, Schools & colleges, Libraries, Warehouses, Factories, Hospitals etc. for file & documents, Engineering spare parts, Medicines and garment storage.

Compactor Storage System

Through a systematic filing and retrieval of storage materials, the Compactor provides a solution to your storage demands and increases storage efficiency. The Compactor Storage System comprises moveable bays supported by rails and is solidly built to resist severe use and handling. Materials and files can be conveniently retrieved by sliding the storage bays from one end to the other.


A. The following are some of the most common advantages of Compactors storage systems.

• Compactor storage expands storage space in tight spaces.
• Storage for compactors can be added to standard shelving units.
• Safety in compactor storage is ensured by brakes and anti-tip protection.
• Compactor storage rolls can be conveniently rolled by hand.
• The low-profile track is flush with the existing floor.
• Storage for compactors Aerial area up to 12 feet tall can be used by systems.
• Make a Mobile System out of your existing metal ware shelf.
• To make the most of your space, mix static and mobile bookshelves.

We are one of the top Compactor storage system manufacturers. Because we include the most up-to-date design and technology, our offered product precisely fits your storage and warehousing needs. Our extensive expertise of more than two decades gives us an advantage. With our Compactors, you'll get the most bang for your buck.

Long-lasting and durable

Our Compactors have been developed to make the most available storage space while being easily accessible. They are safer and faster to operate since they are simple to use. These components improve the efficiency of your warehousing and storage area, resulting in increased overall output.
We specialize in providing high-quality, safe systems, such as Safeage File Compactors. Front panels, shelves, vertical and rear panels, central walls, and end panels make up the modular framework of this personal locker. The cast iron travel wheel of this Safeage File Compactors is explicitly designed for trouble-free movement. The sophisticated design of its travel wheel aids in reducing track and wheel contact. This low contact rate is beneficial in lowering the wheel's friction rate.

What are the advantages of using our compactor storage system?

• Better Space Usage: Only one aisle is required between runs of shelves, allowing for near-100 percent utilization. Ideal for bulk document storage, archive storage, maintenance stores, and Quality Assurance departments, among other applications.
• Security: The system's design can prevent unauthorized users from gaining access. It also prevents the spread of dust and other contaminants.
• Smooth and simple movement thanks to anti-friction bearings and an efficient drive mechanism.
• Easy to adapt: The system's wide range of sizes allows it to make the most of available cubic space. Its light tone finish mixes very well with any setting.
• Aesthetics: Scratch-resistant, consistent, and long-lasting finish that looks good for years. A large number of color combinations are available.

India's Leading Suppliers

Compactor Storage Systems is one of our most well-known products. The compactor storage systems on offer are well-liked and praised for maximizing available space. As one of the Best compactor storage system manufacturers, our Compactor storage systems are frequently used to store papers and records. Corrosion-resistant compactor storage systems are available. Our items are readily available on the market, and the Compactor storage system price is reasonable.

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